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I provide a compassionate approach to finding your inner essence, seeing each individual as a harmonious blend of various inner aspects, all guided by our innate Core Self.

I hold the view that it’s completely natural for the mind to have multiple facets, much like a loving family has different members, each contributing their unique qualities. Time and time again, these inner aspects might feel compelled to take on roles that are more extreme than their true, helpful nature.

Yet, the Core Self within each of us remains unbreakable, and inherently offer us the wisdom to heal and harmonize our inner, and outer world.

Let me inspire you to heal from within, by accessing your Core Self again, and begin to stand up for the love, that it deeply wants to share with the world.

In Loving Service,
KaSia Soraya

I am a certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner. The mission of IFS Institute is to bring more Self leadership to the world. The IFS model has been increasingly adopted by therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals, thereby expanding the range of therapeutic options available to people. The more individuals gain access to these transformative tools, the greater the overall mental health and well-being of communities.

IFS Institute provides extensive training for professionals in various fields—not just psychotherapy but also education, business, and even law enforcement. These training programs are designed to imbue a sense of Self leadership in different societal roles, thereby effecting change from within these systems.

The principles of IFS can be applied to conflict resolution both on a small scale (like family or workplace disputes) and a larger scale (such as community or even international conflicts). By promoting Self leadership, IFS helps in negotiating peaceful solutions where everyone feels heard and valued..

IFS also contributes to dialogues around social justice, equity, and inclusion. By focusing on the importance of understanding and integrating all "parts," the philosophy inherently values diversity and the inclusion of marginalized voices.

I AM affiliated with these orgainsations
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Transform with Somatic and IFS therapy. Find inner harmony, release blocks, and regain life control.

2. Somatic and IFS Healing Circles

Join Somatic & IFS Healing Circles for transformative group therapy. Explore inner selves, heal, and grow together
3. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Individual Sessions and Circles

EFT, a somatic technique, releases stress and promotes emotional healing through tapping on meridian points.
4. Levande Verkstad & Art Therapy Workshops

Heal with Art Therapy: Explore creativity, find balance, and express yourself in a supportive environment.
5. Retreats

Deep healing in Somatic Therapy and IFS retreats. Explore body-mind wisdom for transformative self-discovery and wellness.
Somatic and IFS Healing Circles

Somatic and IFS Healing Circles is an innovative and transformative group therapy program that combines somatic experiencing and Internal Family Systems (IFS) techniques. Participants engage in a safe and supportive circle where they explore their inner selves and emotional well-being. Through somatic practices and IFS, individuals can heal, gain self-awareness, and foster personal growth. This program offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery and healing within a nurturing group environment.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Individual Sessions and Circles

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a powerful somatic technique that combines elements of acupressure, psychology, and mindfulness to help you release emotional stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. By tapping on specific meridian points on your body while focusing on your emotional distress, EFT can promote emotional healing, reduce tension, and restore a sense of balance and well-being. This simple yet effective method can be used to address a wide range of emotional challenges, from phobias to trauma, allowing you to regain emotional freedom and experience greater peace and happiness in your life.

Levande Verkstad & Art Therapy Workshops

Explore your creativity and heal your mind with Art Therapy Workshops. Unleash your inner artist while finding emotional balance and self-expression in a supportive, therapeutic environment. This is a transformative journey through colors, shapes, and self-discovery.


Experience profound healing and self-discovery with our Somatic Therapy and Internal Family Systems (IFS) retreats. Dive into a transformative journey where you'll explore the wisdom of your body and mind, unlocking the power of holistic healing. Join me for a unique blend of therapeutic practices, mindfulness, art therapy and self-exploration in a serene and supportive environment. Reconnect with your true self, heal past wounds, and cultivate inner harmony in these life-changing retreats.

Results you can expect


“By her intuitive guidance, clarity and humour, I was able to integrate a part of me that was in hiding.”

Hanne Marie Mysen

“Painful historical episodes were released. This allowed me to accept and forgive, reconcile, and love.”

Zoran Lovrencic

“I got deep revelations and released alot of negative energy that didn’t serve me anymore.”

Jurga Berneheim

Standing for love

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Would you like to see and understand yourself from a new perspective? Are you longing to experience an actual shift in your body and mind? Are you ready to dismantle the false beliefs that are running your life? And start loving yourself deeper?